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A Family Law Attorney with Compassion, Confidence & Composure.

A Family Law Attorney with Compassion, Confidence & Composure.

A Family Law Attorney with Compassion, Confidence & Composure.A Family Law Attorney with Compassion, Confidence & Composure.
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A Passion For and Focus on Family Law

First and foremost, Brette Law, LLC is a Family Law Firm driven to deliver positive outcomes to all parties involved in matters of divorce, child support, child custody, visitation, probate and special education matters concerning minor children.

Located in Essex, we practice in Middlesex, New Haven, Hartford and New London Counties and strive to offer strong advocacy at a reasonable cost. Learn about our Services

Attorney Brette Fitton.

About Brette Law, LLC

Family Law and Special Education Law cases often involve emotion, uncertainty and significant life changes. It is important to have a knowledgeable and compassionate family law attorney to act as an advocate, take the time to explain the process, answer your questions and guide you as you make decisions about how best to move forward. At Brette Law, LLC we strive to provide each client with the knowledge, advice and advocacy necessary to effectively resolve their divorce, child custody and other family law issues.

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Beyond the Courtroom

It is only natural for people involved in any court case to experience stress and anxiety. This is especially true in family court cases, when people are facing changes to their most significant relationships. These emotions  can often make existing conflicts between parents worse, which increases the risk to children of being exposed to harmful conflict. 

Whether a case is resolved by a judge issuing an order or the parties coming to an agreement, the effects of going through the legal process can be long lasting. We think a lot about this; our Blog provides useful information on these issues as well as news, practical information and perspectives on a variety of issues related to Family Law.  Read Our Blog

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